Nancy Wise


Maybe it’s her liberal arts education or maybe it started in middle school, but Nancy’s sense of curiosity about people has led to media discoveries that spark success. She knows that technology innovation doesn’t always drive media choices.

From adding Polka music or the local community bulletin board to her clients’ media plans beyond digital or TV, she knows that whatever the connection, it has to be authentic and real to improve results. You see, beyond all of the qualitative and quantitative research, she keeps digging. Like in Wisconsin where the milk board wanted to produce and sell more milk, she learned from a top dairy farm family that cows produce more milk when listing to Polka music (who knew!).

For a phone company serving Utah, she discovered the best way to educate an American Indian reservation located off the grid at the bottom of the Grand Canyon about improved connectivity was starting with their local community bulletin board  – you know, the type with the cork. In middle school, Nancy could be found digging through the trash on a regular basis after throwing out her retainer with her lunch tray. Today her smile is perfect.

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“It’s all about connecting to consumers’ changing media habits.”