This deer jumped through our office window

Okay, it wasn’t actually THIS deer in the photo. This is a stock photo. But it did happen. It goes something like this: Early one morning Craig shows up and sees a deer standing by our front door. She sees him and immediately freaks out. (Because that’s what we all do). She manages to crash through a double-pane window from a standing position and completely make her way into our office. That’s where the fun begins.


Throwing caution to the wind, Craig hoofs it to our front door and immediately disarms our alarm system that was still within the time-frame before the cops come. He then unplugs our computers (Macs first, then the PC’s of course). As he’s doing this, the deer, let’s just call her “Abby”, is racing around the workstations without tripping over any cords. Which is amazing considering we trip over them all the time.

“Abby” dashes into the kitchen, dances into the back hall and prances her way to Nancy’s office and stays there for a while. She is either looking through some awesome media plans or just too scared to leave. While she’s in there she attempts to jump through Nancy’s window, not once, but twice, but never fully makes it through like she did the first time. Her struggle gives Craig time to close all the other office doors and open up the front double doors in hopes she’ll exit that way.

“Craig will do anything to save a buck.”

After securing the rest of the building Craig channels his inner ‘farm-boy’ and starts to “call” the deer out of Nancy’s office. (We can only imagine what noise a deer responds to. Craig didn’t imitate it for us). But whatever it was, she liked it and actually starts to slowly walk to Craig. He starts to lead her back through the office and towards the front doors. Craig is a superhero.

But wait – hold the iphone. While this is going on, Nancy happens to pull into the parking lot. Nancy gets out of her car and sees our window busted open, blood everywhere, and naturally assumes the worst. That’s when Craig yells out in his loudest voice “DON’T COME IN HERE!! DON’T COME IN HERE!!”. Nancy was halfway to dialing 911 when the deer runs through the front doors and gallops right by her in the parking lot. In my mind I have the deer saying ‘see ya’ to Nancy on her way out.

So, we weren’t broken into. Well, not by a person anyways. And, aside from the yelling part, Craig is a total deer-whisperer.

As you can imagine, our place was messed up. Lots of blood, lots of deer fur and some odd smells remained for a few days. But thankfully Abby managed to leave all our important stuff (computers, ping-pong table, etc.) unscathed.

And, believe it or not, Abby managed to survive the whole thing. True story – neighborhood friends told us that they spotted a deer walking around with some cuts on her face about a week later, but said she was fine. So, unlike the movie Bambi, this does have a happy ending. So why did “Abby” decide to jump through our window rather than just run away? We don’t know. But we do know Craig will do anything to save a buck.