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About Us

With strategy, creative and media expertise at its core, HendrixRaderWise is made up of independent thinkers who bring different experiences and backgrounds to amplify your message and engage your audience. Together, we are focused on developing and nurturing ideas that elicit emotion and give people a reason to interact with your brand. Because we believe strong ideas just stand a better chance out there.



Strategy is the art of outflanking your competition — C. Hendrix



I tell my family that I’m in the entertainment business — D. Rader



It’s about connecting to consumers’ changing media habits — N. Wise

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We push the client. The client pushes us. This is how good work becomes great. With open dialogue and a common desire to see the best ideas live, we work with our clients to get them all the attention they deserve.

We find that the best ideas are unforced. The kind of ideas that may have taken a lot of love and late nights to hone, but also appear to be a no-brainer once they are completed.