Greg Clark


Greg began drawing at a young age, and began TV binge-watching soon after. So a career in advertising was a matter of when, not if.

For over 20 years Greg has been dedicated to entertaining the audience. From writing award-winning TV commercials down to illustrating the storyboards, Greg’s fingerprints are seen throughout the creative process. Greg doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed. It’s not that he hates birds, he just doesn’t like the term. Since graduating from Herron School of Art and Design, Greg’s work has earned many awards including American Advertising Agency’s Best of Show, Logo Lounge, Art Director’s Club, HOW Design Annual, PRINT Design Annual and GRAPHIS.

You may have seen Greg at sporting events and not even known it. He’s been a mascot for multiple sports teams. He eventually gave that up to devote his talents full-time on advertising. Also, he was really getting winded after games and his wife was starting to worry. Still, no one sweats the details like Greg. Together with his wife and four kids, Greg enjoys serving their church and others around them.


“Make it simple. Make it entertaining. Make it home for dinner.”

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