HRW celebrates our 15th birthday!

We all remember 15. That awkward stage between kid and adult. Ready to take on the world but not before heading to the mall to pick up some rad parachute pants from Chess King. Applying for your first job but it had to be close to your house because your parents had to take you there cause you totally don’t have your license yet and it was like the worst thing ever. Those were the days.

Well, HendrixRaderWise has officially turned 15. We thought we’d celebrate by sharing how we looked at 15. Time flies.

Duane swears this is him. We’ll just go with that.


Greg is seen here daydreaming about one day not having a mullet.


Up to this point Nancy had never been heartbroken.


Before Zach Morris, there was Tony Murcia. The OG.

And, last but not least, here’s Craig minus the headgear he was

required to wear each night.