HRW creation hits Good Morning America!

HRW enjoyed a little time in the spotlight recently along with our client YouTheFan. Showing off the #1 Oven Mitt live to millions of people from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we made our national tv debut on Good Morning America’s “Deals and Steals on Wheels” segment with Tory Johnson. We had a blast, the product looked great and it was a big victory for YouTheFan and HRW. The only thing missing was a celebratory burn-out in a pace car.


Nearly 5 million people were watching, resulting in over 15,000 products sold in one day.

The Indy 500 has the pit crew. We have the mitt crew.

Next to winning the Super Bowl, we’re pretty sure that wearing our oven mitt is Michael Strahan’s biggest thrill.

Bricks, meet mitts. Mitts, bricks.

Our client is tall. The Borg-Warner trophy is even taller. Greg is not tall.

Here’s our client David sneaking onto the winners circle set before security realized just how unauthorized he was to be there.