Attracting 1500 people to visit Santa. Selling unused land. Providing orientation to new board members. Developing ads. This may all seem rather unrelated. But the Indianapolis International Airport trusts HRW to do all these things and more because they know we’ll always maintain its brand integrity and continuity.
HRW also loves to help events get off the ground.
Special events like welcoming Santa to IND as he makes a special stop at the airport while practicing his route around the world.
HRW was busy as a bee showcasing the airport’s positive impact on their neighboring environment through long term stability and sustainability. This includes their conservation efforts like their partnership with the White Lick Beekeepers Association, the Community Bee Apiary that helps preserve Indiana’s honeybee population and  helps train future beekeepers. It’s good to BeeKIND.
We have also been honored to work on enviromental & interior design projects for IND, considered one of the world’s most beautiful airports. This permanent exhibit in etched glass, steel and screen-printed photography honors war hero Col. H. Weir Cook, after whom the terminal is named, and displays artifacts that tell the story of IND’s history.