VMS BioMarketing helps connect pharma brands to the ultimate patient by teaching the proper use of their treatments. A fast growing and ever-changing company, VMS has turned to us for perpetual brand development and has tasked us to create numerous employee engagement and motivation programs.
VMS wanted an idea for an internal summer rally-cry. We came up with the theme “Summer of Strategy” and applied it to traditional summer materials down to hand-sewn hiking patches.
One program in particular we dubbed the BioMarketing Games. Employees were challenged to enter many different events where they could demonstrate their knowledge and expertise, then medals ala the Olympics were awarded to winners.
VMS needed a holiday card to send to their clients. The only parameter was that it needed to include a $5 gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts. So it was a little challenging. Granted, not ‘black-diamond’ challenging, but still challenging. We can up with this award-winning card. Scroll down to see the reveal.